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We (Stella, Molly and Catt) headed down to London for an inspirational team trip… the clue is in the title we were completely wowed by the beautiful collaborations which were never ending. We didn’t hesitate to jump into the house, each room had a different story to tell with a soundtrack that evolved with you as you moved through the rooms, plus different scents and ambient lighting filled the rooms. There were a total of eighteen room displays, giving an impression of a large house from the entrance hall, via a dining room, morning room, library, office, bedroom and outside to a garden room. It was vision of delight and we came away feeling incredibly inspired for our ongoing projects.

Talking of being inspired we thought it would be an nice idea to share our favourite rooms or key pieces of furniture we wished to take away with us.


First up Stella…

With so many exquisite spaces it was almost impossible to pick a favorite, however I have narrowed it down to my top two…which surprisingly are like chalk and cheese! Firstly, I adored Joy Moylers space.  It had such an opulent, enveloping feel.  I am such a lover of layering textures so this room was a dream!  From the rich Bordeaux velvet walls, contrasting against the rustic rafia ceiling.  This was simply the perfect juxtaposition and mix of materials and styles that it created a space that made me say ‘wow!’  The second space I absolutely adored was Natalia Miyar’s bedroom.  The second I entered this space I felt immediately calm, this designer used beautiful shades of soft green, lots of texture and so much beautiful attention to detail which created a space that felt both uplifting and soothing…once I entered this bedroom I didn’t want to leave!



I love interiors that create a feeling, that make you feel something and that make you say “wow” so I was literally a kid in a sweet shop at this event…in my element!  So many exceptional, bold, bright and brilliant spaces…BUT I have narrowed it down to a top 3:

First up is Clare Gaskins space.  Her use of bright, vibrant colours, paired with large scale panel curtains, plus plenty of bucolic accessories made this my ideal space that I would dream about snuggling up on the most GORGEOUS chaise and reading a book beneath the greenery – bliss.

I next had to talk about Barlow and Balow’s bathroom, although it was so divine that it made me speechless.  A shattered, pearlescent effect mirrored tile on the floor paired with a soft Moroccan style ‘plaster walls’ was a match made in heaven – bringing just the right amount of glam and magic, balanced with a rustic warmth.  Absolutely stunning!

And finally Henry Prideaux’s blush and burgundy kitchen was a triumph with a large scale…what I would call ‘loud’ marble to give an earthy, natural edge to a elegant, feminine colour scheme.


Last but not least Catt…

The room that stood out for me was the morning room, it was an end room which meant it had double doors leading outside – light filled the space. After speaking with the designers from De Gournay we learnt that the room had been designed around light and abstracted scenes of weather, nature and architecture. As you look around the beautifully crafted murals bring a calmness to the space, hand painted scenes with detailed embroidery created a tactile dream. After you’ve taken in all the pattern and colour which surrounds you. The furniture is a eclectic mix of wooden bookcases, lacquered tables, and Brutalist chairs which grounds the design. As I sat down on one of the chairs I felt like I was floating on a cloud and felt instantly relaxed.


We hope you feel as inspired as we do from the photos we have shared with you and we can’t wait to work with you soon!