Interior Design News - WOW House

WOW House

Every year the WOW house leaves us feeling inspired, energised and excited and this year may have been the best one yet!

What we always love as designers is watching fellow creatives in our industry push boundaries and do something a little “extra” a little “wacky” a something fabulous that you wouldn’t see on the day-to-day.

At Stella Mannering & Company, us designers also like to play a little fun game of “Which room is your favourite” and the best thing about this is we always all choose a slightly different one (but generally share the same ‘top 3’

We’re going to talk you through our favourite rooms and show you some lovely details in these spaces below that makes them so special.



This space really showed off how good design can transport you, take you anywhere and make you feel at home too. The atmosphere in this room was warm, welcoming and enveloping and the design was

exquisite. Our favourite details where the large stone fireplace, the mix of earthy shades. Plenty of pattern and ambient layered lighting in this space too. They created cosy corners of interest with window seats, reading nooks and zoning the space to make it cosy and ambient whilst still feeling open airy and sociable.



This was a stand out space – the use of rich, verdant, opulent colours was so punchy and really drew you into this study. Once you were in the space Anahita captures two feelings that normally are conflicting: calming and stimulating – what a clever combination to evoke! You wanted to relax in this space whilst being energised and interested in every bright, quirky, inviting detail in your surroundings. The designer nailed the styling in this space – not a corner was left untouched – every surface had been curated with another characterful layer of objet’dart – taking this room from something lovely into something truly special and stand out!



Our final pick for the top 3 was the wow houses’ library – designed by andrea Benedettini. The use of fabric in this space was a triumph, Andrea covered the walls in curtaining which enveloped anyone who entered the space adding such luxury, softness and opulence to this room. The drapery surrounding you was then paired with the most stunning floral/tree design on the ceiling – making you feel like a child, lying on the grass, staring up at the branches and sky above you. This was all accomplished in such a classy and sophisticated way – the space was indeed WOW but with a quiet, peaceful and opulent edge.