Interior Design News - The Stella Mannering Masterclass – How To Style A Bed

The Stella Mannering Masterclass – How To Style A Bed

Interior Design Oxford - The Stella Mannering Masterclass

Our Bedrooms are our Sanctuaries… and the bedroom ought to be all about the Bed… so how do you want to feel when you walk into your bedroom?

Here we illustrate how texture, layering, warmth, cushion shape and the use of a limited colour palette with natural and timeless textiles, all become the elements to successfully styling a bed without compromising on comfort, style and that X Factor we all crave in our most personal of spaces, a feeling of coming Home.


Texture & Warmth Use natural, breathable fabrics for your bedding…linens, cottons. Linen can be left ‘raw’ as illustrated, for a casual timeless look, or steamed for that crisp finish, depending on your comfort level and we would always recommend cotton is pressed or steamed.

We have here rooms with Linen as the predominant textile; The navy grass cloth walling behind the 4 poster adds texture and the greys and stones on the bedding – repeated in the cushions with the addition of soft blush – add layers and warmth to what could be an otherwise ordinary bed. Although both images show colour on the cushions, the palette is limited and tonal, keeping the ambience calm.

Tip: Include different shapes/sizes of cushions and pillows


Layering The art of layering is achieved by combining textured throws and cushions/pillows on the bed that work together…more than one throw means more layering; the secret is in artfully placing them so that the bed does not look ‘done’ but is more organically achieved. The limited colour palette is the cornerstone of this look.


Pillows and Cushions The layering of the pillows and cushions will be what ties the bed together with the throw or throws…too many and the bed looks cluttered but a general rule is – an odd number – which throws unpredictability into the mix – and to incorporate different shapes/sizes to add interest.


Natural linen bedding wears timelessly, and enables you to build a collection over the years that works together.