Interior Design News - Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Interior Design Oxford - Spring Has Sprung

We have finally welcomed Spring after a glorious Easter weekend – the sun is shining, the daffodils and bluebells are blooming (long may it continue!). This has got us all very excited in the studio for some newness to welcome in a new season. As designers, Spring gets our ‘creative juices’ flowing so we thought it fun to share our vision.

When we think about Spring, we associate it with a time of rebirth and renewal. This is the time of year when many trees are blossoming, and we start to see early flowers making an appearance – hello new life! The weather turns warm (probably) and we can start to embrace a new season. You may think about refreshing your wardrobe but more importantly your home. As you open your windows, letting the fresh air in and listening to the sweet birds this instantly changes your mood.

The key colours this Spring are in two categories – bold and bright, or subtle and neutral. When it comes to bold colour, inky blues, berry reds, greens and burnt oranges give a room a touch of drama. A more muted palette of neutrals is the perfect accompaniment for creating balance and nature continues to be an inspiration.


Blossoming Blues

Blue tones are becoming richer and regal and really pack a punch. Try using them in a tonal way, by matching the colour on furniture and fabrics for a modern look. Another way is to combine the blue hues with pattern, for a relaxed and cozy scheme. Blue is a popular colour for living rooms – creating a calming atmosphere in a space that can often feel busy.


Rich neutrals

Bright whites say hello to a variety of warmer tones which are suitable for every room in your house. Think ‘mink’ a beautiful versatile colour, warm, pink-based that adds depth and warmth to your walls. Pair with deep red-brown and apricots to bring a freshness which will look timeless when adding textures and natural woods through soft furnishings.


We love designing new schemes here at Stella Mannering & Company, so please email us or better still pop by to discuss your design ideas.