Interior Design News - Filling The Gaps

Filling The Gaps

Interior Design Oxford - Filling The Gaps

Can you believe it, we are over halfway through January! Yet we are still feeling the loss of the Christmas decorations coming down, the walls have that naked feeling and our living spaces have lost their cosy appeal.

Added to that, Lockdown means that we are all stuck at home staring at this emptiness all day and so there’s no better time to think about filling the gaps and adding a little joy to this, let’s be honest, fairly gloomy time.

The thing that we, at Stella Mannering & Company, are all mourning is the lack of greenery -the tree’s down, the mistletoe is no more, and the Christmas bouquet has expired – so it’s time to bring back some life into your home! Try herb pots on the windowsill, bring in some house plants or even display some dried foliage for a striking architectural look.

Now on to the walls, the festive garlands have gone, and that vast empty space is calling out for more. The obvious solution is pictures – you could finally frame those cherished family photographs, buy some art, or paint something of your own with all that lockdown free time, but nothing personalizes our homes more than accessories, and woven wall baskets add texture, colour and that touch of traditional charm that we’ve all been left wanting.

Lighting is the next thing to address. We are missing the magic that comes with the twinkly fairy lights, and the dark nights and dull days of January certainly need some illumination! Try adding an arrangement of candles – tea lights, votives and Pillars all used in combination give a comforting warm glow or for a longer lasting solution, incorporating a cordless decorative light is a lovely way to brighten a dark area even when you are lacking the sockets – you can have light whenever and wherever you want it.

Finally, it was the last decoration to come down and it’s probably the one we miss the most, yes, it’s the Christmas Wreath, it makes you smile on your way out and is the first to welcome you home on a cold dark night. Without it our front doors just look so…undressed. So, our final, must have, top tip for bringing back a little seasonal cheer is to adorn that door once more with a metal wreath that can last all year!

Fidel Tree from, Dried Bleached Button Flowers from, Insitu Light from Hisle, Salt & Pepper Lamp from Tobias Grau, Wall Baskets from Birdie Fortescue, Black Eucalyptus Wreath from Idyll Home.